I teach and explore intersectional masculinity.

In simple terms, I support men in becoming better, kinder, freer versions of themselves.

A man once came to me in the depths of shame, fear, and doubt.  Though he was successful on paper and he was slowly destroying himself privately.

We sat in the cave of his mind every week until he could feel the warmth of the sun in his soul again. Our work revealed the source of his destructive habits and beliefs. Our work re-examined his sense of success and power.

Small shifts led to big shifts. New projects soon emerged, as did a budding relationship. Above all, our work gave him the tools to communicate, to lead, to love. And just recently, that man called and asked me to help him write his wedding vows.

This is generation shifting work. And I’m ready to share it with you.


For the last three years, I’ve curated an underground men’s dinner salon series gathering great men for an evening of deep contemplation on manhood. In sharing powerful stories of becoming, these men walk in as strangers and walk out as brothers. Every single dinner has taught me how little I as a woman know, and how much I’ve assumed.


I’m currently writing a book about this experience to help men feel less alone in their plight to understand how to inhibit their own masculinity.  I believe the book will also help women understand the unknown parts of a man’s heart and head. Filled with stories from the road, vignettes from my dinners, and insights from the worlds of philosophy and psychology, this book has the potential to help us all reimagine masculinity.


I’ve spoken on global stages about my men’s dinners garnering enthusiasm from men and women alike – its my favorite way to engage. After speaking at the Women Teach Men conference alongside Tracy McMillan and Esther Perel, it became clear to me that many men seek a level of growth only found with female teachers. Some said it was cathartic.  In a Covid world, I speak and teach virtually for men’s organizations and podcasts.


Early on, a few men approached me to coach them. I agreed, but only if they would never call it coaching. Today, the TRUTHWORK  I create with men is an education and an un-learning.  It’s about acknowledging the familial, cultural, and societal conditioning and then choosing what to keep. With my guidance, we traverse the past to understand the present, and then build the future from new stories. This requires deep emotional intimacy covering a custom curriculum with weekly video calls spanning three months.

I extracted so much value from my 90 days with Vika that one cannot even put a price tag on it, the best thing I’ve done for myself honestly. I am a different person ...I achieved everything I set out to do and so much more.

Vika created a space and relationship between the two of us that I cannot explain. I feel safe talking to her, where she made me realize the greatness within me and the value I bring to the table (which I often doubted).

Vika helped me realize who I truly am, helped me verbalize my thoughts, desires and ambitions in a way I struggled to do. Most of all, I AM HAPPY! Vika brought on a new found way of believing in myself, being present and conscious of my thoughts as well as others.

I encourage any man that is wanting to experience a positive change in their life to come to Vika with an open mind, the willingness to explore places within yourself on a spiritual and physiological level that you did not know you could do.

Vika’s approach comes from a place of love, kindness and honesty, where I would look forward to my next session with her, it was often the highlight of the week, quite simply she is amazing and I am forever grateful to her Thank you Vika for EVERYTHING, it is an honor to be your student.

M.S. Los AngelesStudent of 1:1 Work

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Vika as a guest speaker on our Men's group call. As our first female guest speaker, we were very curious to see what kind of value she'd bring to a masculine tribe. From the moment Vika was introduced, to her closing remarks, she brought such a beautiful and invigorating approach when speaking to our men, who were all blown away by the fact that a woman could have such a powerful perspective on masculinity. Refreshing to say the least.

She is the definition of a true catalyst when it comes to building a new way of well-being for men and I feel that she deserves to be heard by MANY. Vika has proven knowledge, a sharp edge and captivating story-telling skills that allow her to step into such a delicate area, with ease. This is where she belongs and I highly recommend her to anyone of my brothers that is looking for a speaker, coach and/or mentor.

J.C. New YorkMember of a Men’s Organization

Working with Vika will restore your faith in BIG love and yourself. I’ve watched her playful, impassioned leadership get men in touch with their primal nature, screaming at the top of their lungs. 10 minutes later, they were sharing vulnerably about their deepest fears and desires in the safety of the group.

Less of a therapist and more like a cool older sister, Vika will show you the ropes, be your secret informant on the opposite sex, and cheer you on as you push past discomfort to rise to a place of grounded inner confidence and strength. She mixes philosophy, culture, dating wisdom, therapeutic principles, and exercises to help you feel worthy of an incredible partnership.

A.K. New YorkParticipant in Women Teach Men Conference

I am here. As a guide.
Navigating unknown terrain, side by side, with a man as he courageously comes alive.

” The good life is a process, not a state of being. It’s a direction, not a destination.” – Bruce Lee

Are you ready? Let's Begin.