Take a seat.
We’re about to get uncomfortable in the best possible way.

Make no mistake – this is generation-shifting work. Your descendants will thank you for being courageous enough to face what your ancestors simply couldn’t. Anything less is mediocre at best.

Hello & Welcome

For years, inside my advisory, on stages, and in my global men’s dinner salon, I have supported guys in exploring new narratives of success, freedom, love, and power. My role is to offer a multiplicity of perspectives and encourage nuance over rigidity.

Nietzche says a snake that cannot shed its skin perishes. I tend to agree. I’m here to help you shake off the skin and accelerate your emotional evolution.

If you play and you play to win, you’ll walk away feeling lighter than you have ever been. You’ll have a pack of 8 new friends who witnessed and contributed to your evolution. You’ll improve your relationships at home and at work, your communication, and your whole well-being. You’ll no longer be terrified of feeling, emotional fluency will be your new way of being. You’ll become the leader of your life, the author of your story.

Expect nothing. Be open to everything. My highest hope is that your mind be blown, your heart be broken open, your spirit be freed.

Are you ready to feel emotional gains?

Only 8 will make it all the way through. I look forward to learning your story & speaking with you.

Audacity awaits,

Emotional Strength Training Details

An Integrative Approach to Growth: Leveraging Emotional, Intellectual, & Somatic Intelligence

Monthly Private Deep Work Call x 3 mos (1HR)

Bi-monthly small group intensives (2hrs)

Private Group Chain

Weekly Custom Meditations (12)

Weekly Truthwork Assignments (12)

Growth Project

*Sliding Scale for 3 months (historically has been expensed as leadership development)


Emotional Strength Training is an integrative process that improves your sense of self, your relationships, and your living legacy.  Develop new narratives and fresh perspectives.  Learn tools to navigate feelings in real-time. Express thoughts with ease, accuracy, and clarity. It’s a space to cultivate your instincts and hone your intuition. A place to be and find peace.


  • Am I moving closer to a path of truth or to who my family, culture, or society wants me to be?
  • Why do I still believe my bullshit stories?
  • How do I name and process what I’m feeling in real-time, healthfully?
  • What am I actually looking for in a partner?
  • How do I heal the broken friendships that still pain me?
  • How do I give myself emotional first aid?
  • Am I gonna be the one to break the cycle of generational pain?
  • What would it feel like to express myself accurately to anyone?
  • How do I become the kind of person I admire?
  • What would it feel like to contribute to the world beyond myself?


You. Chances are you’re here because you’re curious and hungry for a fresh perspective. You appreciate unorthodox ideas and revel in novel experiences for growth. You may be in the midst of a shift in your life – breaking up with a partner, job, or city – and have enough awareness to know that you could use extra support and insights right now on how to navigate forward.

Perhaps you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of yourself and found yourself leaning forward while listening to the audio trailer above, nodding your head often. Deep down you know the truth.  It’s time to rewire and reimagine.


This is a deliberately intimate group of 8 men – most all nominated by friends of friends. Each will have passed the application process and be somebody I’ve vetted to invest my time and energy into.

“If you are looking to change your life then Vika’s deep work ‘dojo’ is a safe, challenging, supportive place to start this journey. What I find most unique about Vikas' approach is that she makes such a point of really getting to know you, the real you. This allows her to develop your trust quickly, putting you at ease with doing the hard deep work that is required.

There are many elements to our sessions I enjoy including how breathwork gets weaved into the process, her uncanny ability to find a poignant quote relevant to the situation and her ability to call BS when you are not being true to what you really want / feel. This last one is a superpower!”


“I extracted so much value that one cannot even put a price tag on my three months working with Vika- it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself honestly. I am a different person when I read back to what I wanted to achieve on this journey with Vika, I achieved everything I set out to do and so much more.

Vika helped me realise who I truly am, helped me verbalise my thoughts, desires and ambitions in a way I struggled to do. I have my confidence and desire back, the best thing is Vika teaches you how to regain it even when you feel like you may be losing it again. Most of all, I AM HAPPY! Vika showed me that the value I believed I had is really that and more, she brought on a new found way of believing in myself, being present and conscious of my thoughts as well as others. I would encourage other men to take a leap of faith and go on the journey with Vika - she helps you come out of your shell and grow exponentially as a man in such a short space of time. Thank you Vika, for EVERYTHING. It is an honor to be your student.“

MichaelSouth Africa & Los Angeles

“What special about Vika is that she helps you find the right questions, to reflect, and to better understand yourself. Vika's energy, optimism, and love are contagious and will impact any human and organization and will help unlocking their talent and more of the good that is within them.”

EyalIsrael & Los Angeles