At the same time, my leadership coaching practice was growing and I reveled in helping leaders discover their real stories and let go of old ones. By the spring, I opened my own innovation advisory THE VOICE DOJO for my speaking, coaching, and training of curiosity intelligence.

For the summer, I moved to Berlin to create – the city I dreamed of returning to, the city of artists. I joked with friends that I arrived 8 months pregnant with triplet creative babies, and was ready to give birth at long last.

As I write this from my Berlin home, perched on the patio on a warm summer night, reflecting on my journey with a smile of gratitude bursting at my seams. Life is an adventure everyday.

I am grateful to you for caring about my story and reading along. My hope in sharing so much of my path – the whole spectrum – is that you feel emboldened to move forward and make your dreams come true and less alone in the process. I’m grateful for the painful times; they have been my greatest professors. I’m grateful for the change; its all part of my evolution.

​What lies ahead? Everything I can imagine. My curiosity is already leading me there. You’re invited to join this adventure of the spirit.

​keep shining + stay curious