Ever notice how much you love the storyteller in your group at work?

Or how the storyteller seems to be a natural salesperson, closing deals and making relationships right off the bat?

It’s not an accident. Storytelling is one of the most valuable leadership, business, and LIFE skills.

The good news is that storytelling is a skill – which means you can improve it.  Think of it like dancing – you just need desire, patience, and a good teacher.

Stories shift attentionStories shift emotionStories shift engagement.

Imagine who you would be and what your team could achieve
if storytelling became your greatest strength?

Consider me your team’s
in-house personal communication coach and storytelling teacher.

Expect every session to be engaging, impactful, and refreshingly fun. Above all,  expect relevant and immediately actionable teachings to grow your business and deepen your relationships in both virtual and physical worlds.

Here’s How it Works

The 5-C Methodology


Who are you and what do you want to say? What’s blocking your team’s storytelling individual and collective storytelling ability? What is the cost of NOT fixing these blocks?  What stories – written in email and spoken in conversation – will move the culture and business forward?


Begin with awareness to find the blind spots and weak links within your current communication methods. Examine where a lack of effective communication is most holding you back from bringing ideas to life and onboarding allies. 


Build your story up brick-by-brick with deliberate intentionality in the direction of your “umbrella story”. Create coherence with consistency and congruence,  unmistakably establishing your voice with this process.


From neuroscience to mechanics, learn the tools of what makes stories stick and how to pull emotional levers with words and style. 

Call to Action

Develop and implement a call to action for your storytelling. From social media posts to conversations with clients, discover how to share stories that shift things forward.

By the end of this accelerator, storytelling will be your team’s secret super power for business growth and relationship building.

Here’s the Process for
Teams & Organizations

Research For Hyper Relevance

  • Research Call I host a 30 minute discovery call with leadership to understand exact challenges with storytelling & communication to customize the accelerator. 
  • Research Survey I create a custom Story Shifts survey to gauge the collective interests/ challenges/ desires of what your team needs to learn most. 


  • Training Session: A 90 minute engaging educational experience where we learn the 5C’s of the Story Shift Methodology. It’s high energy, entertaining, and highly interactive.

Integration For Improvement

  •  Integration Session: One week after the training, we gather for a 60 minute meeting to integrate and share.  This collective  culture building conversation spotlights real examples of storytelling in email and conversation. Together we learn and grow. 
  • Story Shifts Evaluation Report: Gathering insights from the preliminary survey, each training session, and through to the integration session – you’ll have a report documenting your team’s tangible growth.

What Your Team
Will Walk Away With:

  • The ability to see communication breakdowns as connection breakthroughs 
  • Learn the role of self-awareness 
  • An understanding of how to leverage the neuroscience of storytelling 
  • Recognize how to deliberately listen and cultivate presence for meaningful conversations 
  • Understand how to share stories with acknowledgement and empathy to build trust in a virtual world with clients and colleagues
  • Improvement with conversion from conversation to sale with future clients
  • Building impact skills to cultivate relationships and drive results

Stories shift culture. Stories shift relationships. Stories shift business. Stories shift growth.

Are you ready? Let's Begin.